The impression of sound with eyes and ears

HiFi Rose makes the world’s best audiophile network streamers. With over 50 years in touch interface technology, Rose products are designed to deliver the steaming experience you were always promised.


The HiFi RS130 is the ultimate network streaming transport.

With a focus on delivering pristine sound, the RS130 is engineered to eliminate digital noise and ensure stable output. Its support for Fiber Optic Ethernet and Fiber Optic USB effectively blocks unwanted noise sources, allowing you to indulge in pure audio bliss. The built-in high-precision OCXO clock guarantees precise timing, maintaining a constant temperature for stable and accurate clock signals.

From its crystal-topped control buttons and intuitive touch-screen interface, through to its complex, performance-optimised inner workings.

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The 150b delivers the high-quality sound which is tuned by Acoustic Engineers with over thirty years of experience. An ideal circuit layout of independent boards for CPU, power, and digital-to-analog conversion, eliminates electrical noise and creates dramatically improved sound quality. The high-purity aluminum case is milled from a solid block of aluminum to minimize vibrations and maximize thermal efficiency for an ideal environment to maintain the delicate audio signals.

The beautiful display presents a large view of cover art and metadata that you can see from across your room. You can navigate across all of your favorite streaming services and digital music library, without taking your phone out of your pocket or searching for your tablet. Visually stunning VU meters and a customizable user-interface make the RS150b a joy to operate.

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The HiFi Rose RS250A Network Streamer is your cutting-edge companion for audio and video entertainment. This streamer, DAC, and pre-amplifier allows you to immerse yourself in the sonic tapestries of timeless albums, as well as the engaging graphics and dynamic performances of the latest music videos. The RS250A is ideal for the voracious music fan who wants to access entertainment with a simple touch of the finger.

RS250A utilizes rigid aluminum panels to isolate micro-vibrations and maximize thermal efficiency.

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Combining aesthetics from the past with technology engineered for the future, HiFi Rose RA180 is a new type of integrated amplifier that will transform your listening experience. With its illuminated meters, sleek silver chassis, and gleaming sliders and switches, its aesthetics are simultaneously retro and futuristic. The RA180 is engineered for an extremely wide frequency response (even beyond that of human hearing), to enable your system to deliver a stunningly immersive soundstage.


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