dCS provides a range of audiophile products that set the standard for audio transparency and extract more from digitally encoded music than any other product.

The dCS audiophile range uses patented technologies, unique to dCS, to deliver the best listening experience there is. The dCS audiophile product ranges currently available are:

dCS Scarlatti - Our design philosophy in building Scarlatti was to use our 21 years of experience to deliver the best digital playback components in the business without compromise. For people who are serious about their music, the natural realism delivered by Scarlatti is like no other system on the planet. The Scarlatti is a complete system comprising CD/SACD Transport, Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), Master Clock and patent pending Upsampler which converts music at one sample rate to a higher sampler rate.

dCS Paganini - Our design philosophy behind the Paganini range was to build a system as close as possible in performance to Scarlatti, but more accessible. Like Scarlatti, the Paganini range is a complete system comprising CD/SACD Transport, Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) , patent pending Upsampler and Master Clock. The Paganini embodies our commitment to excellence by pairing beautiful design with amazing performance.

dCS Puccini- Puccini is a revelation - a high end system in one box - combining the aesthetics of the Paganini with all of our upsampling, DAC, clock and CD/SACD player technology in a single easy to set up unit which delivers unbeatable performance. Puccini also allows listeners to build a complete system around the onboard dCS Ring DAC and Clock. Add a Puccini U-Clock to take musicality to another level as well as providing a USB input for access to computer audio.

dCS Debussy DAC- Debussy is the latest award winning product from dCS and is the future hub of your digital playback system. Debussy combines the legendary dCS Ring DAC and our patent pending asynchronous usb technology in one box to deliver a DAC that will extract amazing performance from any digital source.

All dCS product lines use our dCS Ring DAC technology to deliver the ultimate digital signal conversion - making your music sound more like the original analogue signal than any other product.

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