Originally VTL was founded upon designs that are based on recording studio prototype playback amplifiers. The forerunners to the first VTL products were originally designed in 1980 in South Africa by recording and film engineer David Manley, where the recording studio environment gave the VTL designs their heritage for sonic quality and reliability under long and arduous working conditions. Professional production for amplifiers designed for home audio use was started in Britain in 1983 to service distribution in Europe, where the designs first caught the attention of the worldwide press.

In recent years the music and audio communities have changed and grown. New electronic technologies and better parts give our tube components the capacity for higher and cleaner power, and a delightful ease of use never possible with the renowned old designs. Tubes, in fact, are more viable today than ever before.

Thanks to these advances in technology, our designs are entirely modern, compatible with a wide range of speakers and source components. VTL combines the best of tubes -- a lifelike musical emotion -- with the vigor and power of modern circuitry.

With this in mind we have chosen to concentrate upon increasing performance by simplifying and refining our proven, timeless designs.


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